G4 XLO-QR ECLH/ECOH Concealed/Dold


The Reliable Model G4 XLO-QR ECLH/ECOH Concealed sprinkler is an Extended Coverage Sprinkler for use in Light Hazard and Ordinary Hazard occupancies with a coverage area of up to 37,2 m2 per sprinkler.

The use of extended coverage sprinklers can provide lower installation costs by requiring fewer sprinklers, less piping and reduced labor. The larger K-factor 11.2 (160 metric) provides for reduced pressures to achieve the required flow compared with smaller K-factor sprinklers.

The G4 XLO-QR ECLH/ECOH can eliminate the need for precise cutting of drop nipples. The Thread-on/Thread-off cover plate assembly provides up to 1/2” (13 mm) of adjustment to allow the cover to fit accurately against the ceiling. The fire protection system need not be shut down when adjusting or removing the Thread-on/Thread-off cover plate assembly.


  1. Extended Coverage Ordinary Hazard protection to 37.2 m2 per sprinkler.
  2. Nominal K-factor of 11.2 (160 metric).
  3. Ordinary temperature rated – 165°F (74°C).
  4. Flat cover plate with ½” (13 mm) assembly adjustment.
  5. Smooth aesthetic ceiling profile.
  6. Solid or perforated cover plate available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.
  7. Threaded cover plate does not require clips or springs.

Listningar & Godkännanden

  1. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
    and certified by UL for Canada (cULus).

Listningskategori hos UL:
Sprinklers, Automatic and Open Extended Coverage Sprinklers-Light
Hazard and Ordinary Hazard Occupancy UL
Guide Number – VNIV


Vänligen kontakta oss för specialbeställning av sprinkler som inte finns i nedanstående lista, t.ex. om högre/lägre temperatur, K-faktor eller specialmålning önskas.

Art.num Modell Respons Temperatur K-faktor Riskklass Anslutning Typ Färg SIN Nyckel
KG4X1 G4 XLO-QR Quick 74°C 160 Light Hazard/
Ordinary Hazard
DN20/¾” Flat Concealed Pendent Vit R7146 G4

Passande standardtäcklock

Artikelnummer Benämning Bild
KCG40EW Täcklock för Conceald Mod G5, G4, RFC 57° Eurovit  
KCG40C Täcklock för Conceald Mod G5, G4, RFC 57° Krom  
KCG40FB Täcklock för Conceald Mod G5, G4, RFC 57° Svarta  
KCG5S0W Täcklock med packning för Renrum, Vit 57°, QR, Passar G4/G5-serien, Diam=94mm  

Allmänna anvisningar:

  • Sprinkler Nordic AB förbehåller sig rätten att ändra tekniska uppgifter utan medgivande.