G6-56 HSW Concealed/Dold


SIN (Sprinkler identification number)


The Reliable Model G6-56 Concealed Quick Response Sidewall Standard Spray Sprinkler is an attractive, concealed sprinkler assembly that utilizes a push-on/pull-off cover plate assembly. The sprinkler assembly is shipped with a protective cap.

The flat cover plate is attached to the skirt using 57°C ordinary temperature classification solder. The sprinkler is easily installed into the sprinkler fitting using the Model G6 Sprinkler Wrench.

When the ambient temperature rises, the solder holding the cover plate melts, allowing the release of this part and thus exposing the sprinkler inside to the rising ambient temperature.

The Model G6-56 utilizes a Quick Response soldered link. This quick response enables the sprinkler to apply water to a fire sooner than standard response sprinklers of the same temperature rating.

This sprinkler is listed for a maximum service pressure of 12,0 bar.


  1. Flat cover plate (Solid or Perforated).
  2. Sprinkler is approved for 12,0 bar applications.
  3. Quick response, sidewall standard spray sprinkler.
  4. Push-on/pull-off, sturdy convenient flat cover plate.
  5. Sprinkler, shipped complete with factory installed protective cap.
  6. Sprinkler assembly and cover plate packaged separately.
  7. Nominal 5.6 (80 metric) K-Factor.
  8. ¼” (6 mm) cover plate adjustment.
  9. Cover plate available, either solid or perforated, in a wide variety of colors and finishes.


The Model G6-56 sprinkler is intended for installation in accordance with NFPA 13. This sprinkler is especially well suited for use in student dormitories, hotels, hospitals and health care facilities.

Godkännanden & listningar

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and UL certified for Canada (cULus).

UL Listing Category
Sprinklers, Automatic and Open
Quick Response
Sidewall Standard Spray Sprinklers


U.S. Patent No. 7,353,882, other Patents pending


Klassificering Sprinklertemperatur Täckplatta Max. omgivningstemp.
Ordinary 74°C 57°C 38°C


Vänligen kontakta oss för specialbeställning av sprinkler som inte finns i nedanstående lista, t.ex. om högre/lägre temperatur, K-faktor eller specialmålning önskas.

Artikelnummer Modell Respons Temperatur K-faktor Anslutning Typ Färg SIN Nyckel
KG6H1B G6-56 Quick 74°C 80 DN15/½” Flat Concealed HSW Vit RA5035 G6

Passande standardtäcklock

Artikelnummer Benämning Bild
KCG60W Täcklock för Conceald G6 HSW, Vit 57°  

Allmänna anvisningar:

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