SIN (Sprinkler identification number)
RA6112, RA6132


Model F3QR80 Dry sprinklers are quick-response, standard coverage sprinklers with a nominal K-Factor of 8.0 (115 metric). Model F3QR80 Dry sprinklers all use a 3 mm glass bulb operating element. See the Temperature Ratings table in this Bulletin for available temperature ratings. Model F3QR80 Dry sprinklers are intended for installation on wet-pipe, dry-pipe, or preaction sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 13.

Model F3QR80 Dry sprinklers are available with a variety of escutcheon options as illustrated in Figs. 1 through 3 and Figs. 5 through 7. In addition, Model F3QR80 Dry Pendent sprinklers are also available with the Model CCP conical concealed cover plate as illustrated in Fig. 4. Available sprinkler, escutcheon, and cover plate finishes are identified in the Finishes table in this Bulletin. The Model FP escutcheon, and Model CCP cover plate are the only recessed escutcheons and cover plate listed for use with Model F3QR80 Dry sprinklers; the use of any other recessed escutcheon or cover plate with Model F3QR80 Dry sprinklers will void all guarantees, warranties, listings and approvals.

Inlet fittings are available with 1” NPT or ISO 7-1R1, threads.


  1. Available in the following configurations:
    • Pendent with standard escutcheon
    • Pendent with Model HB extended escutcheon
    • Pendent with Model FP recessed escutcheon
    • Concealed Pendent with Model CCP cover plate.
    • Horizontal Sidewall with Standard escutcheon
    • Horizontal Sidewall with Model HB extended escutcheon
    • Horizontal Sidewall with Model FP recessed escutcheon
  2. Available with 1” NPT or ISO7-1R1 inlet fitting.
  3. Sprinklers, escutcheons, and cover plates are available in a wide variety of standard and special application finishes.
  4. White polyester and black polyester finish

Model F3QR80 Dry series sprinklers may be covered by one or more of the following patents:
US Patent No. 5,775,431
US Patent No. 5,967,240

Listningar & Godkännanden

See the Available Configurations, Listings, and Approvals table in this Bulletin for listings and approvals applicable to each available configuration.
1. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and UL Certified for Canada (cULus)
2. Permitted in New York City based on UL Listing per Local Law 33/2007 (NYC)


Vänligen kontakta oss för specialbeställning av sprinkler som inte finns i nedanstående lista, t.ex. om högre/lägre temperatur, K-faktor eller specialmålning önskas.

Artikelnummer Modell Respons Temperatur K-faktor Anslutning Längd Typ Färg SIN Nyckel
KQ202211500 F3QR-80 Quick 68°C 115 DN25/1″ 15″/381mm Pendent Krom RA6112 F3/F3R
KQ402211500 F3QR-80 Quick 68°C 115 DN25/1″ 15″/381mm HSW Krom RA6132 F3/F3R

Allmänna anvisningar:

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